Connections between yoga and the ayurvedic herbs that heal

There are many ways that yoga helps us improve the health and wellbeing of both the body and mind.  While traditional yoga has primarily focused on spiritual elevation and the realization of the unlimited potential within each individual, in the modern day it has become confused with a system of health care.  Though the practice of yoga asanas is incredibly beneficial for health, yoga offers so much more than just asana practice.  It’s primary focus is actually establishing a calm and focused mind which can transcend the limitations of conceptualization and live with a greater awareness of the One Reality which permeates all.


I ancient times the natural health care system of ayurveda was actually used for improving the health of yogis.  Dharmony Herbs were carefully selected and used to renew and rejuvenate the body so that it could function at it’s optimal condition.  Yoga and Ayurvedic Herbs are very complimentary and this video can help you learn much more about ayurveda:

You can also visit for more information about ayurveda and it’s many healing properties.

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Yoga Retreat Bali

Yoga Retreat Bali


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the awe and wonder of one of the most beautiful places on our divine mother earth?  Do you also want to enjoy to practice yoga in a spiritual atmosphere far removed from the chaos and high speed modern life?  Then consider enrolling in one of the best yoga retreat Bali and Asia in general have to offer. The Blooming Lotus Yoga school is a great place to learn about retreat and Balinese yoga.  Bali, Indonesia has for hundreds of years been preserving the ancestral wisdom of the great yogis who had established their truly spiritual culture many generations ago.  The enchanting natural beauty and sublime warmth of the Balinese offers a calm getaway where everyone is welcome to participate in their rich temple culture.  Yoga retreats are now the norm for foreign travelers who want to unwind and completely forget their worries and everyday problems.  Bali yoga retreats are integrated deeply with the local culture and in addition to daily yoga asana, pranayama and meditation, trips to sacred places are encouraged to help participants get the most out of their spiritual retreats.  A great place to start if you want to know more is here:


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Yoga Nidra Meditation During your Retreats

Yoga Nidra Meditation During your Retreats


The orient has always offered people the opportunity to find meditation techniques that help them find inner balance and stillness.  One of the most widely used practices that is easy and accessible to all skill levels and ages is the practice of YOGA NIDRA MEDITATION.  This age old art of sleep yoga is becoming more popular in across the world thanks to it’s ease of use and simplicity.  All that is necessary is to relax deeply while laying down on your back and listening to the guided meditation instructors.  The yoga nidra session starts with the relaxation of the body and progresses into more subtle inner relaxation.  As the body lets go of it’s holding patterns slowly the mind begins to introvert.  Yoga Nidra then helps people of all ages explore their inner world and shows them how to relax the mind as well as the body.  Yoga nidra meditation is an excellent way to compliment your asana practice during your next yoga retreat.  Make sure to ask your teacher if they know this technique and if they can guide you through it.

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Yoga Retreats in Asia

Yoga Retreats Thailand

Welcome to our online travel guide to Thailand yoga retreat packages and holiday getaways.  If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxed journey to the far east then we are sure that our website will be your foremost aid in finding the retreat center that is best for you.


We are currently reviewing the top yoga retreats in Thailand and are about to showcase our amazing discoveries here.  So far the best yoga retreat Thailand has shown us is at Blooming Lotus Yoga in Koh Phangan.  Though there are many retreat places to choose from this small and humble yoga retreat is full of the most open hearted and friendly people we have ever met!  The warm waters and gentle breeze of the Thai oceans are a welcome relief from the fast paced lifestyle of the west.  Here in the Asian paradise we practiced yoga with teachers that are full of the ancient yoga wisdom that pervades Thailand.  Soon we will post even more details so that you can understand more about this amazing place!


thailand yoga retreats in koh phangan

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The Best Yoga Retreats Thailand and Koh Phangan Have Available

The Best Yoga Retreats Thailand and Koh Phangan Have Available

Welcome to our online travel guide to thailand yoga retreat packages and holiday getaways.  If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxed journey to the far east then we are sure that our website will be your foremost aid in finding the retreat center that is best for you.


We are currently reviewing the top yoga retreats in Thailand and are about to showcase our amazing discoveries here.  So far the best yoga retreat Thailand has shown us is at Blooming Lotus Yoga in Koh Phangan.  Though there are many retreat places to choose from this small and humble yoga retreat is full of the most open hearted and friendly people we have ever met!  The warm waters and gentle breeze of the Thai oceans are a welcome relief from the fast paced lifestyle of the west.  Here in the Asian paradise we practiced yoga with teachers that are full of the ancient yoga wisdom that pervades Thailand.  Soon we will post even more details so that you can understand more about this amazing place!



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Complement Your Vertical Leap with Yoga and The Jump Manual Program

In almost all sports that are played on a field or court, being able to vertically jump high is a quality which can change the outcome of any game. Some people believe that to dunk or block your opponent is something that can only be achieved because of height. However, this isn’t necessarily true. The height imbalance can be leveled out by the height one can jump to. It is for this benefit on the playing field that the reputable vertical jump coach, Jacob Hiller has developed The Jump Manual.


What is The Jump Manual All About?

Jump Manual is a detailed vertical jump training program which serves the purpose of helping athletes to reach their maximum vertical jump height as fast as they can. Though there are limitless tricks and trips that can be applied to get some additional air time, all of them are not efficient equally. Jacob Hiller’s guide has filtered out the stuff which is not relevant and focuses only on offering a step-by-step approach that encompasses exercises along with physical as well as mental training and nutritional advice or diet plans.

What gives The Jump Manual an edge over the rest?

There are different ways to train and the attributes which can be overlooked easily like the intervals of training sessions and exercises covered have a great impact on the way you progress. This aspect of the training, the elaborated outline of what has to be done and in which time frame as well as order, is what actually gives this program an edge over its counterparts. One more important benefit Jump Manual holds is the fact that in order to jump high one must maintain his body, specifically the leg muscles, stretched and flexible constantly. Therefore there’s also the factor of yoga that was combined with this program to minimize the risk of injury and relieve stresses for players as well.

What can be expected from The Jump Manual?

There are numerous things that can be expected from the Jump Manual. Firstly, the description of tested mechanics that ensures higher vertical jump. Next, an insight into what it is which allows any athlete to attain those few extra inches as well as what stands in the way for the rest. The guide also teaches you the methods you must employ in terms of recovery and nutrition after each workout to ensure that you get the utmost out of it. This includes a wide range of exercises, plyometrics and stretches which enhances the development of the essential muscles.

Why invest in The Jump Manual!

It should be noted that despite being an in-depth and thorough program doesn’t mean that it is monotonous or dull. The whole idea behind Jump Manual is that the activities get mixed in a way which converts the process of training into tan utterly efficient combination. To conclude, this guide will cost you about $67 and for this investment in your athletic performance, you’ll get an eBook detailing the activities, process and a lot more; a link for downloading the software program to your system so that you will be able to follow the training, and some interactive video assistance with the interviews of two well renowned people in their respective fields: Dr. Patrick Cohn, psychologist and Dave Hopla, NBA shooting legend.

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A way to stop smoking and improve your yoga practice with electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette is a battery based smoking device which helps you in taking the electronically produced nicotine sensation. This cigarette is literally like genuine cigarette in terms of appearance and feelings. Basically, this vaporizing machine releases a kind of a liquid which is electronically vaporized. This, best Electronic Cigarette has the tendency to provide the natural feelings of puffing a cigarette.

Basically, this Electronic Cigarette has been engineered with regard to quitting to the banal habit of smoking. It comes in various shapes and forms. It has the ability to produce different flavors in the form of a smoke. You would never feel that you are puffing through an electronic device. It does not have any side effect and free from all issues. Yes, it is being charged and coming with a good timing battery.

The world health organization states in one of its recent publications that puffing a real cigarette is more dangerous than the electronic cigarette. Hence, you should replace your health unfriendly smoking habit and get the best ecig available today .

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Yoga for Heart Disease

Yoga is an old Indian healing practice that can be used to prevent, alleviate and even treat several affections, including here different heart diseases, like heart failure or high blood pressure.

Keeping your heart healthy is essential for a long life. The heart is a strong muscle that pumps around five liters of blood through the whole body, thus helping nutrients to get to our internal organs. If its passageway is blocked by inflammations or deposits of fat, coronary diseases occur.

Although heart problems are common among people over the age of 60, they can also affect young adults, teenagers and even children. Specialists state that genetics is the main risk factor for an individual to develop a heart disease, but there are also other causes, such as hypertension, obesity, hardened arteries, kidney disorders, heart attacks, smoking and alcohol.
Any coronary disease needs medical treatment. However, recent studies show that yoga brings about important benefits in preventing and managing heart problems. This old practice also helps sufferers improve the quality of their personal and social lives.
Yoga, the process of balancing the body and mind involves three main principles: asanas, which refers to both the place occupied by the person practicing yoga and the position that person sits in, breathe control and mind meditation and relaxation.
Taking a deep breath while staying in the asana position can lower blood pressure considerably and reduce the production of stress hormones. Also, deep breathing and yoga postures have calming effects on the body and mind, thus helping people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
Yoga is very helpful in:
• Preventing heart attacks, by controlling endocrine activity;
• Lowering blood pressure;
• Lowering heart rate;
• Reducing anxiety and stress;
• Relaxing muscles;
• Boosting immunity and reducing inflammation;
• Increasing self-confidence;
• Eliminating any feeling of helplessness;
• Controlling and alleviating pain;
• Reducing medication addiction;
• Encouraging good, positive thinking;
• Increasing energy levels;
• Improving symptoms of heart failure;
• Lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.
Yoga Poses for Heart Disease Sufferers
• Kapalabhati;
• Mountain;
• Warrior Pose;
• Standing Spread Leg Forward Fold;
• Standing Side Stretch;
• Tree Pose;
• Lotus;
• Single Leg Raises;
• Cobra Pose;
• Double Leg Raises;
• Child Pose;
• Leg Reclining Lunge;
• Seated Forward Bending;
• Sage Twist Pose;
• Wind Relieving Pose;
• Relaxation Pose;
• Anuloma Viloma.

Undoubtedly, yoga can help heart disease sufferers improve their lives considerably and manage their affection better. No matter if you suffer from heart disease or not, practicing yoga regularly is a good way to keep your body and mind healthy, not to mention that preventing a heart disease is better than treating it.

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Yoga for Seniors

Looking and feeling good should be a priority for everyone, starting with teenagers and ending with the elders. The best way to have them both is through physical exercise, adequate for one’s condition and age.

From this point of view, yoga is an excellent solution for everyone, no matter their age, weight or physical condition. You may think that practicing yoga at an old age might pose difficulties or you may comfort yourself with the idea that running around after your grandchildren is exercise enough, but your body needs more than that. It needs the balance and peace that you can only obtain practicing yoga.

There is no age limit in practicing yoga or any form of exercise, as long as you adjust it to your capabilities. The best example is that of the oldest marathon participant in the world, who only gave up running at 101 years old.

So, the best thing you can do is to buy yourself a pair of yoga pants, search for a yoga class and start moving. You will certainly not regret it, and you will realize that whatever you thought you knew about yoga is far from the truth.

Practicing it will bring you valuable benefits, such as:

  • It helps you tone your body and muscles. That means that you will look better and stay in shape. It is never too late for that!
  • It has been proved that yoga improves your balance, which tends to decrease as the years go by.
  • One of the most recognized benefits of practicing this sport is that it improves flexibility. You probably know or you have felt that on your own skin, with age, your wrists, articulations and muscles no longer offer you the freedom of movement you need. Yoga involves stretching in numerous positions. Several areas of your body will slowly but surely begin to move easier and better, and these benefits will be easy to maintain with a couple of sessions a week.
  • Yoga improves the way you breathe, as the exercises involve breathing deep or shallow, slower or faster.
  • By exercising, you diminish the memory loss that old age brings about – Indeed, with age, your ability to memorize things is lowered. However, during the exercises, you learn to ignore certain stimuli and pay more attention to others that matter to you.
  • Studies show that physical exercise helps to relieve everyday stress. Yoga above other types of exercises will help you put your worries aside and focus on your work, family or hobbies.

Briefly put, yoga is your chance to feel better, younger and move easier, so sign up for the classes and discover that getting old does not have to be the nightmare other people live.

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Running Events and Cycling for Peak Fitness for Yoga Lovers


Cycling is loved by many. Cycling at moderate to high speed and alternating it with low speed can make your legs and back strong. It is a good cardiovascular exercise that also burns tummy fat. It increases endurance and muscular flexibility.

Before choosing a sport to play, make sure you understand the requirements well. While cardiovascular exercises should be done for at least 4 times a week, it’s also important to warm up your body before each exercise, and give it some rest once in a while.

Obstacle Races

Obstacle races have become extremely popular in the last few years with many new running events being promoted each year. Some of these races include Tough Mudder, Raw Challenge, Beach Bash, MudRunners, Call of The Beast, Warrior Challenge, Obstacles Gone Mad, Urbanathlon, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Mudrun, True Grit, Valley Stampede to name just a few. See for training programs and workouts to help you with your fitness regimen.


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Why Intermittent Fasting Is My Secret Yoga Fat Loss Tool

Back when I was 30 years old, I used to follow the fitness manual to a tee. This means that I ate breakfast every day, limited the amount of carbs I ate and didn’t eat any refined sugars.

Man was I dumb back then. Now that I know better I don’t do anything like that anymore. I follow a much smarter approach to fitness and that approach is called intermittent fasting, more specifically Eat Stop Eat.

The reason I like Eat Stop so much is because of the high degree of flexibility that it offers. The diet doesn’t force you to eat breakfast, and thankfully it doesn’t force you to eat every 3 hours 6 times per day like every other diet out there. It is flexible and allows me to actually live my lifestyle the way I want to live it. I enjoy life so much more now thanks to Eat Stop Eat.

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How Group Yoga Training in Sydney can help in Making your Overall Body Proportionate?

Workouts can be used as a great way to bring your body in perfect shape and size. They not only shed extra pounds from your body and bring you in enviable body shape, but only strengthen your body and make it capable of dealing with various health issuesGroup training in Sydney can immensely help you in getting a well proportionate body. 

Highly experienced personal trainers are certified people having many years of training experience. They know different ways of workouts, which will work on targeted parts of your body. You might be looking forward to lose fats from your thighs, hips, arms, legs or any other area.

Group training in Sydney will tailor your workout program, according to your particular requirements and preferences. Different kinds of resistance and strength training can be a inculcated by your personal trainer in your training program. You can sculpt your body parts under the guidance of an experienced trainer.




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How To Find A Pediatric Dentist in Tampa, FL In Between Yoga Classes

Are you looking for a great dentist for your kids in Hillsborough Country? The team at Tampa Tooth Fairy can help.


After all, finding the best pediatric dentist is an extremely important decision for your child’s health care. You want to find someone who is gentle, loves kids, and will make your child feel relaxed.


Remember, going to the dentist as a child will set the tone for the rest of his or her life. If the first experience is positive, it is much more likely that your kid will enjoy healthy teeth and gums and go back to the dentist on a regular basis.

florida yoga connection

It’s also important to choose a dentist who has great reviews, all of his or her professional certifications, affordable rates, and a location close to you.


Visit the website listed above to find a dentist in Hillsborough County that will be a great fit for your family.

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Stay Healthy With Martial Arts and Yoga

One of the best ways people can stay in shape is through martial arts training. Practicing martial arts lets you develop your speed, agility, endurance and power. Even people who aren’t martial arts experts often practice it just to stay healthy and keep fit. Below are 3 great drills that you can practice at home or in a gym with a heavy bag. The drills will push you, so be ready for a serious workout. If you need a good punching bag for your home, definitely check out Heavy Bag Guide to get some good reviews.


Speed Drill: This drill is focused on developing your speed. The goal of this drill is to hit the bag with both punches and kicks as fast as you can during a 60 second period. To start the drill you should first throw a couple of punches at the heavy bag with a quick right and then a left. Then immediately throw two kicks with a quick right and left. You should repeat the punches and kicks as fast as you can for 60 seconds. Then pause for 60 seconds and take lots of deep breaths. You will want to do 5 sets of this drill.


Power Drill: This is a similar drill to the speed drill, except this time you are focusing on power. Start the drill by throwing right and left punches as hard as you can. Then take a deep breath and throw a right and left kick as hard as you can. Take a deep breath and repeat the punches and kicks for 60 seconds. The idea is to work on your power so you don’t need punch or kick very quickly. Repeat this drill 5 times.


Endurance Drill: This drill combines elements from both the speed and power drills. In this drill you will want to move quickly and hit hard. You should start by hitting the bag with two punches and then two kicks. Do the drill for 3 minutes and then take a 1-minute break. You should complete 3 sets to complete the drill.


Doing these drills regularly can help you stay fit and healthy. We recommend people work on these drills 3 to 4 times a week in order to get the maximum benefit. Martials arts training can be really beneficial and we encourage you to get started with it today.


muay thai

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Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Problems

Milk thistle, also known by its scientific name silybum marianum, is a powerful herb that is used to treat a variety of health issues, including things like diabetes, cholesterol, cirrhosis, hepatitis, gallbladder and many other liver related issues. There are even ongoing studies researching whether the herb can help reduce malignant cells in different kinds of cancer.


Milk thistle has actually been used for health related reasons for over 2000 years. The Romans were one of the first groups of people to discover the health benefits of the herb. They used it to primarily treat liver related problems, but they also used it for other things like snakebites. About 100 years ago the use of milk thistle started to decline with the rise of modern western medicine. However, in the last 20 years there has been significant growth and renewed interest in alternative health. Milk thistle has benefited from this growth and has become one of the most popular alternative herbal treatments available.


While the health benefits for people has been well documented, there is actually growing awareness of the potential benefits of the herb for animals. Dogs and cats also suffer from liver problems and some veterinarians have started recommending milk thistle. This is a really exciting development because unlike traditional medicines that have lots of nasty side effects, silybum marianum is virtually free of any known side effects in dogs and cats. Occasionally animals may develop loose stools from overuse, but this is neither common nor a very big concern health wise. Milk thistle dosage depends on the weight of your pet, so you should do more research to find out exactly how much to give them.

milk thistle

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